3 Reasons to Upgrade to Premium DNS service

Premium DNS service is a great choice for everyone who wants to take their online business to the next level. It is normal to wonder should you update to such type of service or not. Let’s explain a little bit more about it.

DNS service – What is it?

The Domain Name System, or for short DNS, is a global network of name servers. The main purpose is to show where domain names are and link them to the corresponding IP addresses. Additionally, the DNS could have features such as connecting hostnames to other hostnames, further instructions about services, verifications, and more.

Therefore the DNS helps to orientate all your users, guide them to the proper addresses or different hostnames.

There are several questions that will help you decide if you need a Premium DNS service:

  • How many users connect to your site?
  • How frequently do they connect?
  • Do you have worldwide visitors or nearly all of the users are from your country?
  • Do you want some extra security features? How critical is it for you to keep your visitors safe?

Premium DNS service explained.

With Premium DNS service, you can benefit from more of everything. You can use more DNS zones and DNS servers. Also, you are able to maintain the traffic better. Once you start using it, you will notice an improvement in the loading speed. In addition, it will produce better uptime and protection and also better SEO. 

If, for your organization, downtime is not an option, Premium DNS service is what should be considered. Each website that is larger than a small personal blog could earn from implementing, such type of DNS service.

If the amount of visitors is progressing, you should definitely think about applying this service.  

3 reasons to choose Premium DNS service

Boost speed

The average time that visitors are likely to wait for a website to load is only three seconds. After that, they are going to leave your website and proceed to your opponents. Therefore, it would be best if you did not accept such a thing to happen.

Premium DNS service will provide a much better speed for your visitors. The reason for that is based on the global network with numerous servers located on different geographical points. So, it guarantees the greatest availability and reduces to minimum latency performance. So, your clients won’t abandon your website. Instead, they are going to receive a better user experience.  

Keep your website safe.

Premium DNS service takes your website’s security to the next level. In addition, the transferred data keeps its integrity and authenticity.

Another excellent security feature is DDoS Protection. The distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is a criminal attempt to overload your server appearing with fraudulent traffic coming to your website. Such an attack does not allow actual customers to reach your website. 

DDoS Protection is great for your website and secures your domain name to continue functioning if a DDoS threat occurs. 

DNS Failover Strategy

Thanks to that feature of the Premium DNS service, your website will continue to function in case there is a system or network outage. In addition, it will ensure that all of your customers, no matter their location, will be capable of connecting with your site even if one of your PoPs is down. This signifies no difficulties for your business, more possible sales, and happy clients.

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