Top 3 Free Monitoring services

Motoring services – is it something we should care about? The answer is yes. Why? Because if you have an online business and something goes wrong, this feature will alert it. This can prevent your site from being knocked down and losing you a lot of money and potential customers. So, let’s see what the main purpose of the Monitoring service is and where you can find it. 

Monitoring service – What does it mean?

The Monitoring service is a great tool. It allows you to receive extensive information on the state of your servers, which you use for various services like web, email, DNS, and others.

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You can examine and understand the status of your servers in real-time with it. You will be able to notice various problems such as component failure or extremely slow traffic if you continuously monitor your network. Furthermore, if an issue arises, such a service will warn you automatically via email, text, or another method such as webhooks.

The Monitoring service is designed to detect network problems such as overloaded routers, server failures, and network connectivity issues.


The first good Monitoring service provider is ClouDNS. It is a global Managed DNS service provider that offers GeoDNS, Anycast DNS, and DDoS protected DNS. It has paid and free plans, which are suitable for big or small businesses. The Free Monitoring plan gives you the ability to have one monitoring check. It has approximately 80 monitoring locations throughout the world. Furthermore, the monitoring interval is as follows: 10, 15, 20, 30, 60 minutes. Therefore, you will have seven days of log retention if you benefit from the ClouDNS Monitoring service. In addition, this DNS Hosting provider has 24/7 live chat support.


UptimeRobot is a company that provides website uptime Monitoring services. It also has both paid and free Monitoring services. So, the Free one has 50 monitors and 5 minutes checks. With it, you could see the performance of the website on time! This service gives you the ability to see if the specific keyword is present in the website’s HTML source. 


Statuscake is the last one on our list. It is a London-based firm that has been operational since 2012. Like the other two, it also has a free and paid plan. Its complimentary plan has ten uptime monitoring checks, and the test interval is about 5 minutes. In addition, if something is wrong, you will be informed by email and by reports on the platform. 


On a final note, the Monitoring service aids you in finding problems with your services such as web, DNS, email, and so on. Furthermore, by simply displaying if a server is up or down, such a service can assist increase your network’s stability. You can benefit from this feature through different DNS Hosting providers such as ClouDNS, UptimeRobot, and Statuscake. So, don’t waste time and take advantage of it by choosing the best provider. Good luck!

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