Top 6 DNS record types – list

There are plenty of types of DNS records. More than 50 types of DNS records are still in use, and at least the same number is already absolute. You don’t need all of them all the time. Let’s talk about the essentials. The top 6 DNS record types that you can’t manage your DNS without. 

A Record

We can’t skip the A DNS record from any DNS list. It is probably the best-known record type. The purpose of the A record is to direct, to point a hostname to its IP address. When we talk about A record, the address is IPv4 (32-bit). There is a newer AAAA record type that uses IPv6 addresses (128-bit). 

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VPS hosting vs Dedicated hosting

Are you looking for a hosting service? Since you are not checking shared hosting, the most simple option, I assume your business has grown. Congrats! 

There are different types of hosting and lots of providers. I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of two popular choices to pick the most suitable for your business: VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting.

How does VPS hosting work?

With Virtual Private Server (VPS), your website will live in the same hardware (server) as other websites, but it won’t share resources (bandwidth, RAM, etc.). Hardware for VPS hosting is configured with hypervisor, specialized software to divide it into as many segments as required, with the guarantee that segments will work separated from the others. 

Once the physical server gets split into multiple virtual servers, it can host sites independently, each one with its own resources. Therefore, the performance of other sites won’t affect yours and vice-versa.

How does dedicated hosting work?

Dedicated hosting jumps the fence offering your website to be hosted not in a server’s chunk but get the whole server. Yes, you will have a complete physical server and all its tech resources only for running your website. 

This hosting gives you total control but also brings the need for tech knowledge, maybe a team in charge of different tasks. To manage traffic, maintain the server updated, protected from threats, etc., is a full-time job. Having a server totally dedicated to your business is an expensive choice for owners that really can get the best out of it. 

Advantages of VPS hosting

  • Sharing a physical server with the rest of the customers reduces the price considerably. VPS is affordable, and there are plans for different budgets.
  • Due to the virtual isolation for every website, other sites’ performance won’t’ interfere with yours. 
  • Tech resources are not shared. You have dedicated resources only for your website, and that is really convenient. 
  • VPS is flexible, gives you room for the upcoming growth of your business. It’s easy to scale if you need more resources.

Some providers split the service into two more choices, managed and unmanaged VPS. In the first, your provider manages everything for you. In the second, you can take an active part in configuring software and maintaining your VPS if you prefer to be involved.

Disadvantages of VPS hosting

If you are interested in the absolute control over the hardware (server), you won’t have it.

Advantages of Dedicated hosting

It means the full control some experts look for. Hardware and software are totally at your disposal. 

  • Great performance for your website, thanks to the enormous resources you have.
  • Isolation for your website not to be affected by others is not just virtual but real.
  • It totally suits the most demanding needs. Banking, e-commerce, government, security, tech ventures, media, etc., can perfectly rely on dedicated hosting’s infrastructure.

Disadvantages of Dedicated hosting

  • Honestly, some dedicated hosting requirements can be seen as disadvantages only if they are not really a suitable choice for your business. 
  • Tech expertise: skills and knowledge are needed to get the best out of it.
  • High cost: international, big ventures can afford it to satisfy their demanding needs. But if such investment doesn’t seem profitable based on your growing needs, etc., this is not a proper solution. 


VPS is flexible and reliable enough for medium and even big businesses. The power and features of dedicated hosting are top-notch. But what really matters is to pick the option that suits your business needs. Don’t buy a big bus if your need is just to transport 2 people.

Always look for quality providers and check their terms and conditions properly.

Top 10 most expensive domain names

You can’t even imagine how expensive can some domain name be! No, not thousands of dollars. We are talking millions! Domain flipping, the practice of selling domain names, has been getting extremely popular and amazingly profitable. Especially for some. 

Here are the top 10 most expensive domain names of all time. They are ordered by the absolute value of the deal, but I calculated the impact of inflation, so you can see the real price in today’s money. 

I spent a lot of time fact-checking if the deals were real or not and if there were some extra exchanges like brand, assets, or complete business. Here we are talking about 10 most expensive domain names, not online businesses that have websites. 

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What is domain flipping?

Just like in the offline world, online, creativity for doing all kinds of businesses seems unlimited. Domain flipping is an example. It has been really profitable for some, let’s check what it is about exactly. 

What is domain flipping?

Domain flipping is a business about buying domains at the lowest possible price to resell them later, ideally getting a high profit. Good deals are possible only by buying domains with the potential to be interesting for specific clients that can make an attractive offer.

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The 4 most famous DDoS attacks in the history

Cybercrime costs billions of loss every year. Unfortunately, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are a plague that targets all kinds of victims: profit and non-profit organizations, international ventures, new entrepreneurships, and more. Your business can be the target. One day, you just experience traffic loads with weird behavior. All your online services (website, email, etc.) work so slow or get totally stopped and inaccessible. The nightmare of a DDoS attack gets real. Criminals are taking your business down.

Far in time seems now, that first DDoS attack against the Internet provider, Panix (1996). Today, DDoS attacks have more lethal weapons, advanced techniques, and bigger botnets to crazily increase the damage.

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How to protect my website from hackers? (6 Tips)

News of big venture websites hacked are getting common. But unfortunately, hackers are really a threat to every website. It doesn’t matter the size of your business.

It’s a fact they can cause big damage to your reputation and income if they manage to steal your users’ data, inject malware on your site or distribute it among your clients. Imagine the loss in terms of time, work, and money if they hijack your site.

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How to choose the best domain name for your new website? (5 Tips) 

Choosing a domain name is critical. It will be the representation of your business on the Internet, and it’s a key for clients to find you or not, increase or decrease the chances of success on the search engines.

Here you have 5 useful tips to get the best domain name for your website!

Pick a short and clear domain name. 

Short-clear names are easier to remember, pronounce, spell, and type by users. When you can’t remember a name properly, you can finish on a very different website while trying. Orthography mistakes are another possibility. The limit to build a domain name is 63 characters. Don’t go further than 15 characters!

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DNSSEC – Why use it?

Do you already know what DNS is? Recently I talked about it, so now we will explore one of its problems, security. The DNS was created almost 50 years ago when the internet was young and small. Now we need to patch it, and here it comes, DNSSEC. DNSSEC is the fix that could sustain the security of all the information going around. 

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SSL certificate – the first step towards encryption

We are buying and selling items online as never before. Our names, addresses, bank data, and far more delicate information is going around the Internet with every transaction. This data could have been extremely easy to steal if there was no way to protect it. Here comes the SSL certificate, the one that almost every e-commerce site uses to encrypt your data and protect it. 

What is a SSL certificate?

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What is CDN, and how does it work?

Do you use Netflix or Disney+? Can you imagine distributing video content to every point in the world instantly? To be able to stream video to millions of users at the same time? It is a huge effort! You can’t do it with a single mega server. You will need a network of many, and those servers can’t be just connected in a single location. They need to be strategically distributed to different spots where the consumers are. Here comes the CDN and all its glory. It is the enabling technology that is currently killing the standard television. 

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