Ping Monitoring: How does it work?

Today, we will talk about what is Ping Monitoring. First, we will explain its purpose and its main features. Finally, we will show you how to perform it with your own computer. So, let’s start.

What does Ping Monitoring mean?

The Monitoring service must have a ping monitoring option. We use Ping Monitoring to track, notify, and report changes in network connectivity when coupled with a powerful alerting and reporting system. Pinging is accomplished by sending a particular network packet to the target device, which response with a response packet. The ping time is the time between sending the packet and receiving the answer, and it is usually measured in milliseconds.

ICMP Ping monitoring solution that is worth your attention!

In addition, to check IP-level connectivity, the ping protocol, also known as Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP), sends an ICMP network packet (echo) request to a target name or IP address. This helps guarantee the reliability of routers, firewalls, and other hardware connected to the Internet.

Which are Ping Monitoring features

This absolutely beneficial monitoring gives a lot of features. But they are different depending on the Monitoring service provider. So we will provide the most popular of them:

  1. Varius intervals of optimum refresh (1,5,10,15,20,30 minutes or 1 hour)
  2. Better performance. With the Ping Mоnitoring check, you track, in real-time, the status of the inspected object (computers, routers, firewalls, etc.)
  3. Reduced maintenance costs
  4. Notifications – Create your own personalized notifications to stay informed about the status of the check.
  5. Increased availability of servers, services, and applications
  6. Quick identification of protocol errors and network downtimes

How to use the ping command?

Yes, you could perform the Ping Monitoring on your computer using the ping command. How? Open the Terminal application on Linux or macOS or Command Prompt/PowerShell on Windows. Inside, type the following command:


Then the information about Ping Monitoring will appear. Note that you have to change the domain name and the IP address whit the one you want to check.


Let’s do a review. Ping Monitoring is a technique for determining whether a network device, such as servers, desktop computers, laptops, wifi access points, L3 switches, and routers or firewalls, is operational. A monitoring server uses ICMP packets to track another device (or group of devices). It pings the target and then waits for a response. After comparing each result, the monitoring server determines the overall connection health. That means it’s worth implementing in your system. Good luck!

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