How to choose the best domain name for your new website? (5 Tips) 

Choosing a domain name is critical. It will be the representation of your business on the Internet, and it’s a key for clients to find you or not, increase or decrease the chances of success on the search engines.

Here you have 5 useful tips to get the best domain name for your website!

Pick a short and clear domain name. 

Short-clear names are easier to remember, pronounce, spell, and type by users. When you can’t remember a name properly, you can finish on a very different website while trying. Orthography mistakes are another possibility. The limit to build a domain name is 63 characters. Don’t go further than 15 characters!

Don’t abuse with too many dashes and double letters. Dashes help clarify some two-word names, where the first word finishes with the same letter the second word starts. But better build a clean name, free of many dashes or with the same-consecutive letter repeated twice or more. 

Choose Latin letters. It’s possible to get domain names with letters in languages like Russian, Japanese, Georgian, etc. It’s up to you. Just don’t limit your choices and future expansion. 

Add keywords to your domain name.

If you are starting a business from zero, adding a keyword when you build a domain name could rank it higher on search engines’ results. Especially if you support this with a content strategy (SEO). But if you have already years with a business, working hard to position it (brand), what is important is to keep your brand without words that can confuse clients you already have. So take the tip depending on the phase of your business. 

Think about expansion when picking a domain name.

Think about the present, but also future business needs and plans. Based on that, pick a domain name linked to your niche or field. It gives users a clue about the kind of website you own. Just don’t go with a very specific name that limits your future expansion choices, if you have them. 

 “Amazon” started selling books, and due to its success, now it sells pretty much everything. If the original domain name would’ve been “”, to change later to a new domain could’ve meant a painful loss of traffic, time, and money. 

Pick a convenient top-level domain (TLD) for your website.

Your site address will include the name (brand), and after the last dot, a final word like the popular com, org, net, etc. There are more than a thousand TLDs. Some are new on the market, others are already well known, and users trust them. Choose from the last mentioned. If your business will target just a local market or a specific country or area, better pick a country-code TLD.

Before registering the domain name, check the possible limitations of the TLD. If there’s a condition not convenient for your business or the name you want is already taken on that TLD, look for a popular and generic .com, .net, .org, etc.

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Avoid copyright issues. Check your domain name.

Once you define the name, be sure that it doesn’t exist yet. You want to be popular, either locally or worldwide. Avoid legal problems or to be confused by your target market with a similar but different brand. Research properly. There are different online tools to help you.


Choosing a catchy domain name for your new website requires time and effort, but it’s worth it! 

I strongly recommend excluding the possibility of changing it on the way. Of course, it can be done but re-doing all the process, redirecting links from one domain to the other will be time wasted, loss of position on search engines, and money. 

Take your time and do it properly from the first try!

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